Bondgate Business Process Analysis

All businesses can benefit and save time by using software, but sometimes software can go wrong, this usually happens because companies buy a standard piece of software off the shelf and try and mould it to what their business needs.

This mistake can be stopped by using Bondgate IT to provide a business process analysis, ensuring that the right piece of software is purchased for your business requirements.

Bondgate have been using and implementing software since 1998, we know how it should work and the problems it can cause to a business if it isn’t fit for purpose.

What is Business Process Analysis?

Bondgate IT will lend a fresh pair of eyes to how your business works, our members of staff will liaise with your company to understand every departments day to day activities, but more importantly understand the pains and issues they have with the current processes, and what knock on effect this has to your business.

We will also correspond with directors and head of departments to understand the strategy of what the company is trying to achieve and the benefit to the company once it reaches its goal.

Once we have all of this information we can then collate it, and put together a software requirement document to be used when purchasing any new software for the business.

What are the benefits of this process?

Bondgate IT do all the hard work for you, most often the biggest problem is trying to translate your business processes to a software company and getting exactly what you want.  We know how to do this, and our software requirement document will help guide the relevant software companies you are considering, to creating the piece of software you need.

Bondgate can also help you assess these companies by being involved with the development meetings, to ensure the piece of software you purchase hits the brief we have provided and meets the goals and requirement your business set out to achieve.


You don’t need to purchase software twice let Bondgate ensure you get the right solution first time.  Call us today or complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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