Intranet Applications

Does your business leave too much of a paper trail?

Are your internal processes too complicated?

Need an online system for product ordering, invoicing, HR?

Would an intranet system make your business easier to run?

Why look at intranet applications?

Many businesses find they have lots of processes to complete the day to day running of their company, also staff will also tend to complete tasks the best way they see fit.  This can often lead to discrepancies in paperwork, and time consumed to standardise all you internal procedures.  How much time could you save in your working day, by centralising all your in house paperwork procedures through an internal intranet application, which would meet your needs as a business?

The intranet application could control things like your product ordering and invoicing, HR procedures etc.  It could also provide an internal document library to hold all your relevant forms and paperwork, allowing the necessary people to access them as and when they are needed, as opposed to having piles of forms cluttering the office.

How would this work?

After deciding an intranet application is the way forward, Bondgate keep the process as simple and effective as possible for you, to ensure the transition to your new time saving solution happens seamlessly.

One of our experienced software developers would contact you to discuss your needs and budget.  After taking this information they would then go away and design a solution that meets your requirements and fits in with the budget you wish to allocate to this.

After agreeing the specifications, design and signing off the solution we would then implement this into your business, avoiding as much down time as possible.  Our staff would be on hand to answer any initial questions and provide training to ensure your staff are up to speed with the new system as soon as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Help your business save time and money by calling Bondgate IT today.

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