Business Applications

Business applications are something we use every day, whether it be something as simple as an online email account or web filtering, they still require space on your business server and infrastructure behind them to ensure they integrate correctly with all of your other business IT functions.  Would it just be easier to use a pre-built function based in the cloud that looked after these everyday functions for you and took care of themselves.

Here at Bondgate IT we can recommend the best of breed technology for whatever business function you would like the application to achieve for you.  Whilst still ensuring it meets your business requirements and will integrate with your existing IT perfectly.

Hosted Exchange Email

Hosted Exchange Email

Many businesses in the UK still use free, basic email accounts.  Some businesses use an exchange facility on their server, however this isn’t always the best solution for them.

Free email accounts

  • Very little virus protection        
  • Low levels of spam filtering
  • Poor integration across multiple devices
  • Small mail box size
  • Small attachment size

Exchange server email accounts:

  • Email is reliant on the server
  • Small mail box size
  • Small attachment size
  • Not highly availability
  • Licensing costs
  • Server space

Bondgate IT provide a product called Hosted Exchange it allows customers to have an enterprise level email facility in the cloud.  Hosted across 3 high-security UK based date centres, you can ensure your business email is being looked after.  Whilst also receiving the following benefits for a fixed fee every month:

  • 125GB Mailbox size
  • Extensive email filtering
  • High availability
  • Integration across multiple devices
  • Not server reliant
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail
  • 40MB Attachments 

Email and Web Filtering

Email Filtering

Every business receives spam on a daily basis, so how do you reduce this? More importantly do you know that your business data is protected and not being affected by spam emails carrying viruses.

There is an easy solution by using an email filtering tool this will reduce the amount of spam your business receives, thus reduce the chance of someone opening an email with a virus attached.

However, this is also an application which can be kept in the cloud for you, by using Bondgate IT’s LiveScan you don’t have to worry about using any additional space on your server.  You will also receive full support from our technical team to ensure your business gets the best results from this product.

Web Filtering

People access websites every day for a wide range of reasons, however some of these websites pose a higher threat to the safety of your businesses data than others, so why take the risk.  Web filtering allows you to protect your business from harmful websites, but also allows you to choose what your staff can and can’t access whilst at work, giving you complete control over what your business IT assets are being used for.

Web filtering is an application that can also be cloud based, ensuring you pay a fix monthly fee rather than an upfront payment for a service that can be externally or internally monitored for you.

What additional applications would your business benefit from? Give Bondgate a call to explain how putting these in the cloud could be better for you.

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