Hosted Software

Most businesses are looking for ways to help streamline their processes, and in most cases that is what software is designed to do.  So what stops people from investing in it?

In some cases it a lack of server space or even no server at all. Cost invariably plays a part together with concerns about upgrades and securing the right functionality.

At Bondgate IT help we create a bespoke package that matches your needs.

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Software as a Service

Bondgate IT can provide software hosted in our cloud environment, giving you the ability to have the latest software to help your business without have the hassle of owning it yourself.  All your software functions can be accessed online, ensuring the cost of expanding a server or purchasing a server doesn’t need to be taken into account.

Most importantly your business doesn’t have to make a large investment in purchasing a piece of software, a small monthly fee gives you access to all the software your business requires.

What can I have on Hosted Software?

Most standard pieces of software can be purchased on a hosted basis, whether it be something as simple as Microsoft office right the way up to a detailed CRM system.  Here are some examples of software solutions we have provided for other customers:

  • Accounts Packages
  • CRM Systems
  • Document Management
  • Sales data collation
  • Invoicing
  • HR process

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