Hosted VOIP Telephony

The latest technology in hosted telephony, allows you to run all landlines and mobile devices through the same system.  This reduces the cost in hardware and cabling for you as a business.  Whilst giving you complete control to understand what your staff are doing on a daily basis.

Save money on landlines and mobiles

How VOIP can save you money?

Other than the reduced cost in hardware and cabling, VOIP will reduce you monthly phone bills dramatically.  Each device has its own allocation of minutes to both landline and mobiles in the UK with no connection costs, meaning as long as your business stays within its total allocation you pay nothing apart from your monthly fee per handset.

If your business needs to make international calls you can also do this through VOIP. A recent study provided by Bondgate, shows that VOIP is 94% cheaper than the leading telephone supplier on the market, for international calls.

VOIP on your mobile device.

Even if your staff spend considerable time out of the office, don’t worry as long as they have access to 3G or a Wireless internet connection, they are able to have the benefits of VOIP through their mobile device.  They can even use the minutes allocated to their landline devices.

Call Storage and Monitoring

Call monitoring

Here at Bondgate we will also give you a portal you can login to as often as you need, to allow you to monitor every phone on your new system.

This will allow you the added benefit to:

  • Record all of your calls
  • Find out how many calls your staff are making and where to
  • See any calls missed and allow you to call them back
  • Filter certain types of calls to specific staff members
  • Redirect or twin calls to your mobile
  • Call out from any number of your choosing

Call Storage

We can both record and store your calls through your current server or through the cloud.  Allowing you to find any calls you need to listen to for training, complaints or HR issues at the touch of a button through your online portal.  This gives your company peace of mind that no matter what has happened on a call to a customer, you have the security you need to find that information straight away and act accordingly.

Allow Bondgate to save you money on your phone bills and give you a service you can rely on. Call us about VOIP today.

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