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ADSL is the most popular form of broadband for consumers and businesses.

ADSL works well for smaller businesses, especially those located close to telephony exchanges, which ensure speeds remain fast. However, for larger businesses, particularly those who need more reliable, secure connections, or a have an Intranet, you might need to consider another option.

Managed Fibre (FTTC)

Our Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) solution is the fastest fibre bridge between copper broadband and Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM), connecting your business to the world.

We install best of breed fibre cabling to ensure your broadband doesn’t lose speed in that final  leg of the journey between your nearest street ‘cabinet’ (after it travels from the nearest exchange) and business. 

Take Fibre Further

Fibre broadband improves connectivity and speed. We help take businesses to the next level of connectivity, with best of breed hardware, monitoring and security services.

  • Managed network gateway, router and firewall comes as standard;
  • Best of breed Cisco solutions for all your connectivity needs;
  • Monitor the fibre and hardware for security threats and faults: keeping uptime at a guaranteed 99.9%.


EFM - which means ‘Ethernet First Mile’ or GEA – which means ‘Generic Ethernet Access’ - is a dedicated solution between the telephony exchange and your office(s). EFM or GEA provides a faster, stronger connection, made of copper and fibre, which guarantees speed and reliability. 

Leased Lines

For businesses that need enterprise-grade connectivity, especially those who transfer large volumes of data between sites or valued customers, we recommend leased lines. This means you won’t be sharing your broadband with other businesses or consumers.

Our leased lines come with a high bandwidth as standard (up to 100Mbit/s), depending on what you need, plus guaranteed 99.9% up time and a high response SLA.

Leased Lines - businesses & multi-tenant sites


Multi-Tenant Shared Office Internet

Bondgate also provides multi-tenant shared office solutions, to allow fast, secure Internet access for small businesses.

We have been designing networks since the early days of the Internet: Our experience building for businesses of all sizes, means your tenants will receive Wi-Fi and Ethernet-based connectivity with enterprise-level up time at affordable prices.

Working with Landlords, we help you deliver:

  • Affordable connectivity for your tenants, no matter how many users / devices
  • Peace of mind with enterprise-grade security and SLA timescales, should anything go wrong
  • Tailor made online connectivity, based on the number of offices and users you expect, plus guest Wi-Fi, depending on the anticipated building use.


You have enough to look after, which is why we can manage every aspect of these Internet services. We also know your tenants don’t want any extra worries, so we can provide a user-support SLA, depending on the level of service you want to provide to your tenants. 

Connectivity Solutions

ADSL / Managed Fibre (FTTC) / EFM or GEA / Leased Line

Stay online with our dedicated range of connectivity solutions. 

What’s the right connectivity solution for my business?

Getting the right connectivity solution for your business depends on several factors. We assess current and projected traffic, whether you have or need a secure Intranet, the number of sites, and how close they are to the nearest telephone exchange(s).

There is no one size fits all solution; only our commitment to giving you the most reliable, always-on, cost-effective connectivity solution. 

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