Multi-tenant Shared Internet

Many managed buildings across the country either don’t have sufficient internet for their tenants, or allow their tenants to purchase their own connections and end up with multiple different suppliers needing access to their building. Multi-tenant internet really shouldn’t be this way, if done properly it can be a simple solution, that provides high speed internet to all tenants, all the time, but more importantly can be a revenue generation tool for the property owner.

Bondgate IT have been providing internet connectivity since 1998, due to this we know what internet connection prices should look like.  We also have the knowledge and qualifications to ensure that the job is done right first time. Our engineers are Cisco qualified allowing them to give you the best knowledge of what a multi-tenant network should look like, and how you can get the most from your internet connection.

Business Considerations

As a building owner what considerations do you need to make before installing internet connections for the building, as there are many things that can be missed when installing a new or replacing an old multi-tenant system.

Have you thought about:

  • How much bandwidth each tenant will require?
  • Can the bandwidth be increased should the tenant need it?
  • Traffic shaping?
  • Business continuity, should the connection fail?
  • Network infrastructure?
  • Switch Integration?
  • Port Availability?
  • Cabling layout?

Bondgate can alleviate those concerns, we have already made these considerations for multiple properties, and understand what the requirements are. So let us remove the doubt from your business investment. 

Revenue Generation Model

Many businesses just see internet connectivity as a utility bill in the same way they would gas or electric etc. but an internet connection for a multi-tenant site is a large investment, that can put a strain on business finances until the building reaches larger occupancy levels.

Bondgate IT has another approach, with a pre-built revenue generation plan to allow you to profit from your investment.  This way your internet connection becomes an asset rather than a cost.  We can show you how to re-bill your internet connection to your tenants in the most effective way, ensuring that your monthly internet bill becomes cost negligible and starts to provide you with a profit, completely separate from your standard rental income.

 Would you like to talk to someone about keeping your tenants happy with high internet speeds? Then give Bondgate a call we can help.

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