Critical Component Cover

Over time and high levels of usage all IT hardware can become susceptible to wear and tear.  When this happens it can put a strain on business finances, but more importantly cause functionality problems for the business, and in the worst case cause the business to come to a standstill.  Let Bondgate IT remove the doubt by having replacement components in stock all the time, meaning your business can be back up and running the same day, with as little interruption as possible.

How does it work?

Firstly, we decide on the level of cover you need as a business, by looking at what components of your IT infrastructure are critical to your business.  We cover things like:

  • Server
  • Firewall
  • Router
  • SAN
  • PC’s
  • Backup Devices
  • UPS
  • Network Switches
  • Wireless Controllers and Access Points

Once we have put together a coverage that is right for your business, we can then set up a package to provide cover for all of these pieces of equipment.

If something then breaks or is unresponsive you can call our support desk and we can diagnose the problem, if this piece of equipment can’t be fixed we will then bring your replacement piece of equipment or part to site and install it for you.

Depending on your level of cover we can then leave this piece of equipment with you or it would be used on a loan basis until replaced by your own purchased piece of equipment.

Why would I not just order a new piece of equipment

In theory you could, however you would need to consider the following:

  • Delivery Time
  • Cost
  • Configuration Time
  • Data recovery
  • Downtime
  • Ramifications to your business

For example, if your server was to break, you could potentially be looking at between 4-5 days before you are back up and running. With critical component cover this could be reduced to the same or next working day.

Call Bondgate IT to protect your hardware and business continuity.

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