Hardware & Software

If you are experiencing issues with either your hardware or software we are here to help. At Bondgate we have years’ worth of experience in technologies and we can help and support with any IT issue you may be facing.

From issues with your hardware (Servers, PC, laptops, tablets, printers) to problems with your software (emails, backups), we will ensure you receive the best advice to get everything back up and running. We’ll then help you keep it that way.

Enterprise Level hardware and software

We use the best of breed in both hardware and software, regardless of the size of your business, to give you the service your business deserves.  So even as a one man band you can be sure, you have the best technology to allow your business to function and grow.

Cost effective software management

Are you aware that most of the software you use requires a license to allow you to use it in a business environment?  Do you have a system in place to renew these licenses? Let us look after this for you to ensure all your software is of the standard you need to function as a business, at the same time we will put in place all your licenses, and deal with the renewal of these licenses when due.

Our Suggested Brands

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