Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS

We understand that it’s not always suitable to have large amounts of IT hardware at a business premise, and also the investment involved to upgrade hardware when it expires can be quite daunting.  This is why Bondgate IT offer an alternative solution, by putting your businesses whole IT infrastructure in the Cloud, but more importantly we will ensure this cloud function is designed specifically with your business needs in mind and will be secure for your business.

High Availability

By moving your businesses IT into the cloud it allows you to have open access to your business critical information wherever you are in the world, giving you the flexibility to work as and when you wish.  Infrastructure as a service also gives you the peace of mind to know that your critical information is safe.  By putting your business information into a high availability data centre with an up time of over 99%, you are protected should the worst happen, so regardless of fire, flood etc. your business can continue to function as you can access all your business information through a secure connection at home.

Guaranteed Data Protection

Our Data Backup Service comes with multiple layers of protection.

    •    Best of breed, enterprise-class, cloud-hosted file backups.

    •    Redundant storage, in two separate locations.

    •    Highly secure data centres, with multiple layers of bank-level digital and on-site security precautions.

    •    The data centres come with dozens of standardisation certifications, for extra peace of mind.

    •    Our extensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures you can access your data whenever you need, from any location or device

Cost Savings

Businesses always like to find ways to better manage budgets and reduce costs, by moving your businesses IT infrastructure to the cloud, you are able to have all the IT functionality your business needs for a fix monthly fee.  This saves any unwanted invoices for replacement servers etc. if something goes wrong.

Peace of Mind

Every business owner likes to know their Information is safe and protected, but also that their IT providers have their business needs in mind.  By using Bondgate’s cloud business owners can rest assured that all of their needs are being looked after and their systems are being monitored on a regular basis, to they have peak functionality whenever they need it.

Is it time your business moved to the cloud?

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