Bondgate IT Security

Cyber-crime is on the rise like never before. We place unprecedented demands on the Internet, which means crime is evolving, moving from offline to online. Identity theft, fraud, stealing customer data and proprietary information are what motivate cyber-criminals to attempt to breach your digital defences

Our Security as a Service is designed to proactively protect you from a world of online risk. 

Stay Secure With Bondgate IT

Our Security as a Service includes all the essentials, which we configure according to your IT infrastructure and a risk assessment of the threats you are potentially facing:

  • Firewalls: Configure and 24/7 security monitoring
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Data loss prevention
  • Network gateway security
  • Monitoring your network for unusual activity

 We combine hardware and software solutions in order to create a highly secure environment for your business. 

Benefits of Security as a Service

For most businesses, simple off-the-shelf firewalls aren’t enough to protect your sensitive data. Not to mention your customer data, which the Data Protection Act mandates you make every reasonable attempt to protect.

We create, configure and monitor systems and hardware which proactively guard your business, keeping you safe around the clock.

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