Why do you need an IT Director?

Typically, businesses approach Bondgate for the need of an IT director, during periods of growth or significant change.  However, some businesses prefer the opinion of an outsourced professional, to provide an audit as a cost saving exercise to reduce expenditure throughout the business.  This allows them to free up sustainable capital and invest it back into growing areas of their company.  Here are some examples of scenarios our Interim IT Director would get involved in:

·      Changes in infrastructure due to significant growth or premises moves.

·      Reviewing internal resources to ensure the staff levels are correct and the right people are doing the right jobs.

·      Monitoring and accessing internal processes and systems, and understanding if they are functioning to the best standard for the business.

·      Accessing all ongoing contracts terms and costs from suppliers, whilst reviewing the business need with the view to reducing costs and increasing functionality.

Why should you think about outsourcing this service?

Bondgate IT have a wealth of experience with the area of IT service delivery, working with multiple national organisations who rely on our expertise to guide their decisions on IT through times of change. Due to this experience companies trust us, as we know what your IT requirements look like, and we know how to get the best out of your IT department.

However, the main reason to outsource this service is to reduce your costs. For a recurring monthly fee, we can give you enterprise grade IT advice and strategy, without the expense of a large monthly salary, and the associated ties of hiring an additional member of staff.

Would you like to see how one of our interim IT Directors can help your business? Then give us a call today.

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