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Deepfake featuring simon cowell

Beware of Deepfakes! Learn How to Spot the Different Types

Have you encountered deepfakes – AI-generated fake videos, audio, or writing designed to deceive? This blog explores the rise of deepfake technology and its potential misuse, highlighted by Rask AI’s chilling deepfake demonstration on Britain’s Got Talent. Discover tips to spot various deepfake types and stay vigilant against deception.

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cyber security best practices

Staying One Step Ahead: Breaking Cyber Security News Uncovered

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying updated with the latest cyber security news is imperative for the protection and resilience of businesses. This post explores the significance of cyber security news, trusted sources to stay informed, key trends including emerging threats, industry best practices, and regulatory updates, as well as strategies for proactive cyber defense like training, incident response planning, and expert collaboration.

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Darkweb - Iceberg

Dark Web Dangers: Protecting North East Businesses

Dark Web Monitoring: Essential Protection The digital landscape has transformed, and with it, the risks of online business have escalated. Cybercriminals are exploiting data breaches, like the notorious Facebook and T-Mobile incidents, to hijack personal information. Dark Web Monitoring emerges as a crucial shield, alerting you to compromised credentials before they’re weaponized. Don’t let a simple email hack cost you dearly; secure your digital presence with proactive Dark Web scanning. #cybersecurity #darkweb #dataprotection

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Cyber Security Assessment - North East UK

North East Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Business in the Digital Age

Is your North East business prepared for a cyberattack? The digital landscape is rife with threats, but Bondgate IT can help. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions designed to protect your data, finances, and reputation. Learn how we can quantify the value of cybersecurity for your business. Read More!

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