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Inclusive 365 packages that ensure scalability, cost transparency, and offer security to suit your business needs.

Cloud technology that enhances your business performance.


Inclusive 365 packages that ensure scalability, cost transparency, and offer security to suit your business needs.

Cloud technology that enhances your business performance.

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Bondgate’s 365 Cloud Stack empowers your business through its flexibility, scalability, and collaboration, enhancing the productivity of your workforce.

Successful organisations are ones that adapt to the ever-changing landscape of business. Modern day-working requires your users to be flexible in terms of approach and location. Cloud working removes the barriers to flexibility and allows your business to scale at the rate you desire.

Your business doesn’t have to be tied to a single location, cloud working opens up the idea of multi-disciplined teams working as one from multiple locations. This gives your business true collaboration.

The productivity of your workforce defines how successful your business is, cloud working allows you to enhance that productivity through time-saving applications. Allowing your users to be more effective and your business to be more profitable.


We provide your users with business-grade email, calendars, archiving, and signatures allowing your business true standardisation. Your users can benefit from shared mailboxes and calendars ensuring enquiries and meetings are never missed.


We understand the security of your data is integral to your business. Our cloud service ensures all your data is backed up three times a day. Our access control tools help prevent unsolicited entry to your most sensitive business data.


We recognise your users need seamless collaboration from multiple locations to maintain business efficiency. Our range of applications allows effective teamwork giving your users the ability to brainstorm, work on a single file simultaneously or hold meetings from any location.


Your users can access files from any location in the world, all they need is an internet connection. With 1TB of personal storage, they can rest assured all their files can be stored safely in the cloud. Shared storage in the cloud also removes the need for an on-premise server ensuring your business data can be accessed when required.


Your business can benefit from unlimited helpdesk support. Our team will take care of the management of your users and devices, ensuring the right people and machines have access to the data the business requires. Scheduled compliance and health checks will be carried out on your cloud environment to guarantee best practices.

Training and Education

We want you to get the most of your technology, which means getting the most out of how to use it. We do this by upskilling your team on your technology, through our knowledge-sharing workshops, training sessions, documentation, videos, and webinars.

Q - Microsoft 365 will back up all my data, will Bondgate?

A – Microsoft doesn’t automatically back up your data. Bondgate will back up your whole 365 environment including Teams, SharePoint and One Drive.  

Q – Doesn’t Microsoft 365 manage my migration and ongoing environment?

A – They’ll help manage your migration if you are over 300 users, this isn’t the case for most businesses. Bondgate will manage all migrations to ensure a seamless transition as well as your ongoing environment.

Q – Microsoft have so many packages, how do I know what’s best for me?

A – Bondgate has simplified this for you by including all the features that your business would need in three simplistic tiers.

Q – Can I go to Microsoft for support?

A – You can, but there aren’t always guaranteed response times. Rather than trawling through FAQ pages or forums, our engineers are on the end of the phone whenever you need them.

…Bondgate can direct you on your journey into the cloud.
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