Case Study: Bondgate IT’s Journey to Advancing Autonomy in Underwater Vehicles

Join us on a deep dive into Bondgate IT’s pioneering project in the seabed intervention industry. Led by Technical Director Gavin Brown, the team developed a robust, fault-tolerant system for Hybrid Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (HAUV).…

The Challenge: A New Frontier

In the world of seabed intervention, the ability to remotely control Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) is a momentous change. But with this new frontier came new challenges. Bondgate IT, led by their Technical Director, Gavin Brown, was approached by a leading seabed intervention company to develop a robust, fault-tolerant system for securely connecting to the remote Hybrid Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (HAUV) Autonomy system from a distant command control centre.

The project was ambitious. The solution needed to be flexible, reusable, and adaptable to each installation’s requirements without necessitating changes to the equipment. Given the variability of environments where the solution would be deployed, this necessitated the creation of a unique and innovative solution.

The Uncertainties: Uncharted Waters

The project was like navigating uncharted waters. Technological challenges were associated with several scenarios and considerations related to the deployment and use of the solution. There were uncertainties about how the solution could be integrated into the on-site infrastructure and how it would interact with the software systems and fixed addresses in use. Interaction with the manufacturer of the AUV was also necessary to suggest and request adaptations to their solution to increase the flexibility of ours.

We are extremely proud of our work with Bondgate IT. Their contribution to our project was significant and their expertise in developing a robust system for our HAUVs was invaluable. Gavin and his team were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to future collaborations.

The Breakthrough: Charting the Course

The uncertainties were partly overcome during the initial proof of concept and testing phase, where the AUV was remotely controlled and demonstrated to staff. This was a breakthrough moment for the Bondgate IT team. They had successfully demonstrated the potential of their solution, and it was a moment of celebration.

But the journey was far from over. Further resolution of system uncertainties was achieved through the development of the solution and communication with the AUV manufacturer. The design phase also helped reduce uncertainties about the system’s flexibility and adaptability to different scenarios. Gavin Brown and his team were relentless in their pursuit of a solution, working tirelessly to overcome each challenge they faced.

The Impact: A New Horizon

The project successfully developed a scalable, production system with security as a primary consideration. The system was tested in the Port of Sunderland, allowing the controller at the command control centre to control the AUV remotely. This was a significant achievement for Bondgate IT and marked a new horizon in the field of seabed intervention.

The project also resulted in recommendations to remove operational risks and enhance the security and infrastructure, which were outlined within the IT Infrastructure Strategy document. This document served as a roadmap for future developments, ensuring that the lessons learned from this project would continue to benefit the company and the wider community.

Dave Finess

The team at Bondgate IT, led by Gavin Brown, played a crucial role in the development of our control room. Their understanding of our needs and their ability to deliver a flexible and adaptable solution was impressive. We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without their support.

The Legacy: Sharing the Journey

But the journey didn’t end there. Bondgate IT, under the leadership of Gavin Brown, was committed to sharing their experiences, learnings, and results from the project with the wider community. They did this through presentations, discussions, case studies, technical documentation, and mentorship.

This case study is a testament to their journey. It’s a story of ambition, challenge, breakthrough, impact, and legacy. It’s a story that Bondgate IT is proud to share, and one that they hope will inspire and assist others in the wider community.

But we also know that every journey is unique, and you may have your own questions and challenges. That’s why we encourage you to reach out to us. Whether you want to know more about the technical aspects of the project, the challenges we faced, or how we managed the project, we’re here to answer your questions. And if you have your own experiences or insights to share, we’d love to hear from you. Together, we can continue to learn, grow, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.


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