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Are you prepared to defend your inbox from Business Email Compromise? Join Damien Harrison, Director of Operations at Bondgate IT, for a Lunch and Learn session on June 22nd. Get firsthand insights into BEC tactics, understand their real-world business impact, and arm yourself with effective strategies to protect your organisation.…
Business Email Compromise

The clock is ticking! We’re thrilled to invite you to a critical event that will dive deep into a prevalent and complex issue facing businesses today: Business Email Compromise (BEC).

What is Business Email Compromise?

Business Email Compromise, or BEC for short, is a cunning form of cybercrime that’s been causing quite a stir in the business world. In this crafty scheme, cyber crooks pose as top executives or trusted vendors, using fraudulent emails to dupe unsuspecting employees.

Now, you might be thinking, “What’s their endgame?” Well, it varies, but let me share a few common tricks from their bag:

  1. Invoice Fraud: The cyber baddie sends an ‘urgent’ request for an invoice payment. The email seems to be from the CEO, MD, or a trusted vendor, so the employee rushes to fulfill the request, wiring money straight into the attacker’s account.
  2. Data Theft: The attacker might be after your employees’ sensitive data, such as payroll info. They can use this data to launch additional attacks or even sell it on the dark web. Not exactly the kind of ’employee benefit’ you want to be offering!
  3. Email Access: In some instances, the fraudster tricks the employee into clicking a link or opening an attachment. Doing so installs a nasty piece of malware, giving the attacker ongoing access to the email account or other parts of your network.

BEC scams are highly targeted and deviously sophisticated. They use social engineering techniques that would make a con artist blush, tricking the recipient into thinking the email is the real deal. These scams can hit businesses hard in the pocketbook and are a real thorn in the side of cybersecurity. So, my friends, stay sharp and always question before you click!

How can you learn more about Business Email Compromise?

By attending our free, 30-minute online seminar where Damien Harrison, Director of Operations at Bondgate IT will explore what we are seeing at the coalface.

Join us on Thursday, 22nd June, at 12pm UK Time for our live virtual event, “Defending Your Inbox: Inside the World of Business Email Compromise”. This event is spearheaded by our esteemed Director of Operations, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing operations and combating cyber threats.

In our interconnected world, trust is a double-edged sword. While it fosters innovation, cooperation, and productivity, it can also be exploited by cybercriminals, particularly in insidious threats like BEC. So, how do we nurture trust within our organizations and yet remain vigilant against its potential misuse?

This event aims to answer these pressing questions and more. We’ll be delving into the importance of trust in organizational culture and its implications on business performance. At the same time, we will unmask the realities of BEC, using real-world examples to illustrate the potential impact of such threats on businesses and how to mount an effective defense.

This is an event you can’t afford to miss as we unravel how to balance the power of trust with the imperative of cybersecurity.

Don’t miss out—spaces are filling up fast! Register now via this link to confirm your attendance at this pivotal event.

We eagerly look forward to having you with us on June 22nd at 12pm UK Time!


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